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We are working in trains maintenance and construction fields

SITAV was set up in 2002 and immediately began to be operational in the execution of current and corrective maintenance on electric locomotives and passenger stocks at Trenitalia depots.

The organizational and management skills and the professionalism of the resources deployed led SITAV to win an order from Trenitalia in 2004 for ordinary and corrective maintenance on all high-speed ETR 500 trains, and subsequently FRECCIAROSSA trains.



Via Giacomo Puccini 3/5 - 20121 Milano

Accountancy address:

Via Brigate Partigiane 21/E, 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV)

+39 019/5091784

+39 019/5090416

Production facility:

Via Bonina 39, San Nicolò, Rottofreno (PC)

+39 0523/762056

+39 0523/768601


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