In 2009 activities were further expanded with the construction of a plant near Piacenza for the assembly, refurbishing and revamping of railway vehicles, trams and subways.

The plant has a total area of approximately 70,000 m² of which 24,000 are covered, and is directly connected with one of the main Italian railway lines (Bologna-Turin). It is equipped with 1,300 m of railway tracks inside the production units and a further 5,000 m for moving and
parking vehicles and complete trains.

The handling, coupling and decoupling of any train with concentrated or distributed power is possible thanks to bridge cranes with a carrying capacity of 16 tonnes and numerous lifters.

The production units are equipped with processing lines 240 m in length and a 66 m-long paint tunnel, which is complete with 4 self-propelled platforms, with a through railway to carry out the painting of individual vehicles and coupled trains.

The warehouses are organized to contain material stock, including large volumes, in the necessary quantity to ensure that the processing lines are supplied correctly.

The warehouses are also structured to keep a stock of spare parts required for the execution of any type of maintenance activity.